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Angels Montessori Preschool was established in January 2006 by four partners who together have over 50 years of experience in running highly successful preschools. The school underwent careful renovation over a nine-month period to become the best of its kind in California. It was designed to be child, teacher, and parent-friendly.

Our school philosophy was developed through extensive research and many years of experience in Montessori and developmental schools. Hybrid Montessori is a great fit for children as it focuses on both academic and developmental needs simultaneously. The school has adapted the best ideas from other teaching systems while remaining true to the Montessori philosophy. However, we wanted to go beyond this approach to teaching.

We aimed to create an excellent school environment that teaches multidimensional skills, including warmth and passion, discipline, organization, teamwork, experimentation, and much more. How do we build such an environment? By paying careful attention to every little detail and relentlessly innovating.

For example, we have a garden area where children can relax and enjoy nature. We were one of the first schools to introduce Apple iPads into our classrooms, and we continually upgrade our classrooms to keep them fresh, bright, interesting, and clutter-free. Our bathrooms are clean and well-lit to make kids feel comfortable, and we've designed a top-notch kitchen to offer a healthy "Hot Lunch" program. Good food choices made in preschool can lead to a lifetime of health.

In 2022, we began the process of installing flicker-free, color-adjustable LED lights, which will be completed by the end of 2023. Large touchscreen whiteboards, outdoor musical instruments, and enhancing the green space in our school are other projects we are working on. In 2024, we will install high-fidelity sound systems in each class to help children better prepare for our annual school concert.

Our teachers are well-treated and have a great lounge to relax in. A well-rested teacher is a happy teacher. The teachers also have access to powerful computers and excellent equipment to design amazing classroom materials. A clutter-free classroom and high-quality teaching materials make all the difference. Teachers undergo relentless training through our in-house training program to understand the needs of parents and children. Our staff also undergo seven hours of state-sponsored training and exams every two years for child abuse detection as mandatory reporters."

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