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Angels Montessori Admission Tour

The school admits children aged 2-6 years. All programs and activities are available to every student at the school. We offer a potty training program for a small additional fee. Before enrolling a student, we prefer to meet with both parents and the child. We do not discriminate against children with emotional or physical disabilities.

We also pay close attention to parents and give preference to those who take an active interest in their child's education at the school, can devote sufficient time to their child's needs, and are willing to listen to suggestions and implement a program of action for their child's development.

Above all, we are looking for parents who can provide a loving and nurturing home environment, bring their child to school consistently, pay attention to their child's food and clothing requirements, and are responsive to their child's needs at school.


Tours are conducted with one or both parents but not with family members, friends or relatives. 

Please arrive on time. Any delays may lead to the cancellation of the tour due to time conflicts. Our school runs on a tight schedule, and we want you to see an active class. If you arrive late, you will not get to see what happens in the classroom, and we will have to rush, which is not ideal. More importantly, it will be a disservice to other parents who have scheduled tours after you.


During the visit, you will be given a guided tour of the school's classrooms, playground, and washrooms, which takes about 30 minutes. We will demonstrate what the children learn, explain the daily schedule, and highlight the safety systems we have in place. You will have the opportunity to observe, ask questions, participate briefly, take notes, and meet the teachers. We will also ask questions to get to know your needs, especially those of your child. This will help us tailor the tour to your interests and concerns.

Angels Montessori Summer program


For those who are not familiar with Montessori we will explain and demonstrate some of the key Montessori concepts with the tools and materials we have in the classroom and how it will benefit your child. If your child is comfortable we will invite him or her to try out some of the materials during our demonstration.

Montessori App Guide


Meeting staff members is a key part of the tour. This will allow you to ascertain if the class and teacher are a good fit for your child. It also allows us to assess if your child can handle a classroom setting, gauge their school readiness, confidence, and participation skills, and recommend a program that is best suited to your needs.


Whenever possible, you will have the opportunity to see a classroom in action. We try to minimize disturbances to the classroom, so please be mindful of this. This may mean we have to leave the classroom fairly quickly and return when the children have left for the playground, so your child can interact with some of the teaching materials.



You will have many questions. Bring a note pad to write down any information you need to clarify. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want. If you have any special needs for your child we would be more than happy discuss this. If you have concerns please don't be shy, let us know. We will not be offended.


After the tour, we will sit down in the administrative office and go over the often complex documentation you need to enroll your child. Many of these documents are required by state law and must be completed accurately. For example, physician's forms need a stamp, immunizations need to be up to date, and child abuse reporting forms need to be signed as per state law. We will also discuss the process for starting school, how to adjust, and go over a list of materials, clothing, and food items you need to bring. We will also go over some of the school rules to help both you and your child adjust to preschool seamlessly and effortlessly

Admission Tour Form
Please fill and print out this form when you come to the school tour. You can also email this form to us intead of printing this form.

admission tour form in pdf