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This is our ages 3-4 year old class. This class builds on what was learned in our 2-3 year class. The morning starts with circle time where students gather around to sing songs, read a story, learn shapes, colors and numbers/sounds.





After circle time, it's time for toilet training. Toilet training and personal hygiene, including washing hands, are part of the educational program in this class. Although children in this class are expected to be fully potty trained, some may have difficulty, and we provide the necessary assistance and training for them.

During class the children will engage in the following activities.

  1. Sensorial activities: Children explore their senses through activities that focus on touch, sound, taste, smell, and sight. Examples include sorting objects by color, texture, size, and shape, and matching sounds or scents. In this class we also graduate to the 3rd Box of colors and learn to grade color based on dark to light.

  2. Language development: Children work on developing their language skills through storytelling, songs, rhymes, and vocabulary-building activities.

  3. Mathematics: Children learn math concepts through hands-on activities, such as counting beads or blocks, sorting objects by size or color, and learning about geometric shapes.

  4. Cultural activities: Children explore the world around them through activities that introduce them to different cultures, countries, and traditions. Examples include cooking food from different cultures, learning about animals and their habitats, and studying different types of music.

  5. Art and music: Children explore their creativity through art and music activities, such as painting, drawing, singing, and dancing. These activities help develop their imagination and self-expression skills.


LED lights -
This class has flicker free evenly distributed LED spot lights with and dimmer for better learnng and relaxing. Studies seems to indicate proper LED lighting can improve concentration, reading speed, and comprehension, lower errors rates and calmer and more relaxed children.

ALEXA SMART SPEAKER - We have a variety of music for each part of the day. Gentle classical music for study time, dance music for exercise and more.



Circle Time, music,  geometric shapes (Metal insets with square, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, trapezium, circle, oval, ellipse, curvilinear triangle, and quatrefoil), geometric solids (cube, oval, cone, ellipsoid, trianguler prism, reactanguler prism, cylinder, square based pyramid, trianguiler pyramid) counting 1-10, counting to the teens, number rods, botany (parts of a plant), geography (land/ocean/continents, gradading colors (Montessori color box 3), countries and flags, life cycle of insects (butterfly, frog), making letters with movable alpahabet, site words, consonants, art and crafts, gross and fine motor skills with assorted activities.