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Our outside area is more than a playground. It is a staging post for a variety of learning activities. There is a shaded corner with tables which is where children eat their lunch. Children love eating outdoors, but more importantly the ceremonial lunch event is used as a lesson to learn how to eat properly like using a fork, spoon, using napkins and sitting properly. Tricycles also cater to the needs of children to exercise and develop large motor skills. 



Playground view

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During the summer, children enjoy playing with water courtesy of an inflatable pool, which is always a favorite activity for them. Additionally, they can engage in other activities such as painting, using chalk, and doing various exercises to improve their fine motor skills. The large sandbox is a central feature of the playground, providing a safe environment for children to play while cushioning their falls and allowing them to explore and experiment. The large climber and slide located in the center also play a vital role in developing upper body strength, gross motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Lastly, the playhouse located in the corner of the sandbox allows children to engage in dramatic play.

In 2012, we constructed a mini garden for growing flowers and vegetables, giving children hands-on experience in gardening. They can observe bees that come to pollinate the flowers, learn about planting, adding fertilizer, taking turns watering, and caring for plants. The kids love planting and watching various vegetables come to life. In addition to teaching them about plants and healthy food choices, the garden imbues the playground with a sense of tranquility.

In 2023, we installed two outdoor musical instruments, with more planned. The plan is to expose children to musicality and combine it with our drum circle drums to offer them amazing outdoor musical experiences.



Serenity Garden, Outdoor musical instruments, Sand Pit, Playhouse. Climber and slider, Play snake, Tricycles, Shovels, Assorted toys, Outdoor chalkboard, Water Play Table, Mini basketball, Lunch table